Jessica Dime Addresses The Difference Between Her Show ‘The Mint’ & ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’

Jessica Dime recently appeared on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast and broke down the difference between her show “The Mint” and “Joseline’s Cabaret.”

Jessica Dime explained that she was approached by the owner of a new steaming service called Now That’s TV, and they wanted her to do some work with them, but she pitched them an idea for a show that they were very interested in, and they begin working on her show idea expeditiously.

The concept of her show is to find women who are currently exotic dancers who want to get out of the lifestyle and help them pursue their passions outside of the club.

Jessica said she felt that she could relate to those women because she started out as a dancer before becoming a rapper, actor, tv personality, and businesswoman.

She said she named the show “The Mint” because after doing some research she found that the U.S. dime is still minted every year, and the show is about making and molding more dimes.

When asked how she feels about people saying “The Mint” is a copy of “Joseline’s Cabaret” Jessica Dime responded:

I’m just being honest, like, when, like, y’all really be honest with y’all self, when did y’all ever think in y’all mind, like, Jessica Dime copying Joseline?

Like, has it ever been an outfit, a hairstyle, like, I’ve never in my life.

Shout out to her, like, I f**k with Joseline, she got her own style, but I never look at her and say I want to be like her, you know what I’m saying?

So, it’s never that. She wasn’t even going through my mind when I thought of this concept.

But, the fact that she is four seasons in and I’m an audition episode in and they talking about comparing the two.

It’s going to be a comparison because it’s both exotic dancer shows, but it’s not the same thing.

And it kind of irks me a little bit. It gets on my nerves real bad because what?

Like, it’s nothing the same. She’s still dancing. They still dancing. They on tour with her.

And that’s a good thing. That’s a good opportunity for the girls that wanna continue to dance.

But, the girls that reach out to me, they don’t wanna dance no more.

I don’t dance no more so how can I guide someone?

It can’t be the same because they are still dancing, we’re not.

Watch the clip of the Jessica Dime interview from “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast below:

The Mint” is slated to premiere on August 27 on Now That’s TV.

Watch the trailer below.

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