Nick Cannon has admitted “Alone,” the song he released on Valentine’s Day was about Mariah Carey, but it wasn’t an attempt to get her back.

He says the song, which samples her classic single, “Love Takes Time,” was about his mistakes as a man and losing his dream girl.

Listen to Nick Cannon’s song “Alone” below:

Nick!… C’mon bruh!

Nick seemed surprised that people assumed he was trying to get back with Mariah through song, but he basically laid the bread crumbs to that conclusion.

According to Nick, he knows getting back with Mariah is impossible.

Really the song is really about reflection of like, you know, the process of when somebody… Men we do this a lot…

Where, you know, you realize ‘Mane, I really messed up. I had probably the greatest situation, I have my dream girl, and I messed it up!’

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Mariah was enjoying a 23 hour Valentine’s celebration with her boyfriend of more than five years Bryan Tanaka

We already have Ye out here wylin, and we don’t need Nick Cannon following his lead.