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The streets of Twitter are buzzing about Episodes 7-9 of “Love Is Blind” Season 6.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6, Episodes 7-9

In the latest episodes, we watch as the couples wrap up their baecation in the Dominican Republic and head back to Charlotte to settle in together.


Chelsea is wearing Jimmy out with her insecurities and her need to be kissed, complimented, and/or reassured of his love every 15 minutes. 


Johnny and Amy appeared to be a match made in heaven until he learned she wasn’t on birth control. 


Kenneth and Brittney’s relationship fell apart faster than a wet paper towel after he seemingly tapped into his cell phone and tapped out on his fiancée.


The shizznit hit the fan with Laura and Jeramey after he stayed out all night kicking it with his other pod connection, Sarah Ann.


Last, but certainly not least, AD continues her journey of being “Ray Charles” to all of Clay’s red flags.

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