‘The Never Ever Mets’ 

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network introduces “The Never Ever Mets,” a groundbreaking relationship series merging online romance with reality. 

Premiering Friday, April 19 at 8 pm ET/PT and hosted by Ta’Rhonda Jones, the show brings together seven couples who’ve fostered love online but have never met in person. 

As they embark on a three-week cohabitation experiment, sparks fly and challenges arise. 

While some connections blossom, others falter under the scrutiny of face-to-face interaction. 

Through relationship activities, therapy sessions, and unexpected revelations, these couples confront the true nature of their virtual bonds.

In the premiere episode, “Offline and Off the Rails,” viewers witness the highs and lows of initial meetings. 

From the long-awaited reunion of Josh and Shay to Sandia’s doubts about her online beau, Chris, and Dymond’s confronting questions for Aaron H., each couple faces unique hurdles on the path to real-world love—or heartbreak. 

Tune in to witness love unfold, both on and off the screen.

Meet The Couples

Shay (Florida) & Josh (Tennessee) – 12-Year Relationship


Shay and Josh’s Facebook connection has endured for 12 years.

While Shay is outgoing, Josh is more reserved.

Their complex relationship faces trust and distance challenges, despite their shared desire for commitment.

JoAnna (Illinois) & Aaron J. (Georgia) – 9-Month Relationship


JoAnna and Aaron bonded over social media, drawn to each other’s creativity.

In the dating stage, they seek to define their bond.

Aaron’s insecurities contrast with JoAnna’s sexually open lifestyle, raising questions about their compatibility.

Dymond (Florida) & Aaron H. (California) – 5-Year Relationship


Facebook brought Dymond and Aaron together, but doubts about his faithfulness linger.

Despite mutual love, Dymond questions Aaron’s numerous female friendships, challenging their path toward a proposal.

Alexis (Texas) & Dominique (Illinois) – 6-Month Relationship


Dominique caught Alexis’s eye on social media, but his flirtatious nature contrasts with her history of dating cheaters.

While Dominique embraces old-school romance, Alexis’s insecurities and past experiences cast doubt on their budding romance.

Sienna (New York) & Brandan (Florida) – 10-Month Relationship


Sienna and Brandan’s Instagram connection sparked over shared interests and geography.

Sienna’s Bronx upbringing clashes with Brandan’s military background and fear of love’s vulnerability.

Despite the initial attraction, doubts linger about their compatibility.

Sandia (Florida) & Chris (Florida) – 3-Month Relationship


Instagram brought Sandia and Chris together, but their differing personalities and levels of conservatism create tension.

While they share cultural and family ties, Sandia’s reserved nature conflicts with Chris’s flirtatious tendencies, testing their budding romance.

Millie (California) & Gregg (California) – 3-Year Relationship


Millie and Gregg’s social media interactions span three years, but their proximity hasn’t led to an in-person meeting.

As Millie seeks security and Gregg contemplates leaving his player past behind, doubts about transitioning from friendship to romance loom large.

Meet The Host – Ta’Rhonda Jones

Courtesy of OWN

As the host of “The Never Ever Mets,” Ta’Rhonda Jones guides couples through their journey, offering support, addressing concerns, and organizing engaging activities.

Beyond her hosting duties, Jones is a versatile talent, recognized for her roles on “Empire,” “The Real,” and “The Steve Harvey Show.”

She’s also an accomplished actress, activist, director, producer, celebrity master chef champion, fashion designer, comedian, rapper, songwriter, and philanthropist.

With appearances on major networks like ABC, Fox, NBC, Lifetime, and BET, Jones is a prominent figure in entertainment.

Off-camera, she dedicates her time to philanthropy, motivational speaking, fashion design, and music.

‘The Never Ever Mets’ Trailer 

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