'Love & Hip Hop Miami': Zoey Brinxx Calls Joy & Trina Mean Girls

In Season 5 Episode 6 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” rapper Zoey Brinxx made the mistake of calling Joy and Trina “mean girls” at Bobby Lytes rebirth party and he kicked her out.

Bobby Lytes had a rebirth party to somewhat rebrand himself and perform his music, and he invited friends and family.

After his performance, he decided to reintroduce Zoey Brinxx to his cousin Trina because their first meeting was cut short because Trina was pressed for time.

Zoey Brinxx is a female rapper from North Miami who has some buzz in the city, and Bobby believes Trina could help push her career along.

Zoey was in her feelings for a while over their first meeting because she felt like Trina was ignoring her, but Bobby reassured her that Trina wasn’t like that and she must’ve had a lot of commitments during that time.

When Bobby Lytes reintroduced Zoey Brinxx to Trina, who was standing next to Joy at the time, Zoey said, “I don’t know if I’m coming up to the mean girls or…”

Joy immediately checked her energy and told her not to say mean girls because they are not mean girls.

Zoey broke down her statement semantically in response to Joy and said, “I said I don’t know if I’m coming up to the mean girls. I didn’t say y’all was mean girls.”

From there, things went left quickly, as Zoey and Joy started insulting one another.

It got to the point that Bobby had enough of Zoey disrespecting his family, so he kicked her out of his party.

During their argument, Zoey did try to explain that she was making a joke when she said mean girls, but the damage had already been done.

Watch the clip of Zoey calling Joy and Trina mean girls from S5, E6, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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