'Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion': Amara La Negra Refuses To Be Associated With Safaree's Hitlist

In Season 2, Episode 10, of “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion,” Safaree seemingly added Amara La Negra to his hit list while doing a roll call from his balcony, and she was having none of it.

Safaree was confined to his room during Spice’s dancehall party event because he tested positive for Covid.

So, he decided to join the party from his balcony in a fit that Chrissy described as some Richard Simmons attire.

While surveying everyone from high up on his balcony, Safaree started shouting out the women he allegedly slept with, and Estelita and Nikki Baby played along, but when he told Amara he missed her, she made sure not to feed into the rumors that she and Safaree had a situationship.

Amara let it be known that although she thinks Safaree is an attractive guy, she does not want to be associated with the list of women he allegedly slept with.

What your not going to do is add me to the list of the b*****s you f***ed…

Safaree and I had the opportunity of doing the BET Experience together a couple of years ago.

That was the only time we actually met or saw each other.

Naturally, we were being flirtatious.

He’s a very attractive man. A lot of women are into him. I totally get it. My most highest respect.

I, personally, just don’t like to sh*t where I eat.

The look on Shay’s face was priceless when Amara was explaining that the only time she and Safaree actually met or saw each other was at the BET Experience.

Watch the clip from “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” S3, E10 below:

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At the end of the clip, Khaotic explained to Miami Tip that Gunplay chose not to come to the dancehall party because he was trying to avoid drama with her.

Gunplay approached Miami Tip to address their weird energy toward each other during the episode, but it was at the wrong time, and things did not play out well.

Miami Tip addressed the situation on Instagram, and she said the whole story was made up about her having beef with Gunplay’s girl.

Miami Tip comment about the Gunplay drama.

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