R&B Singer YK Osiris Explains His Emotional Instagram Live Video About His Friendships With Drake & Lil Baby

R&B singer YK Osiris recently posted a concerning video on Instagram Live claiming that Drake and Lil Baby no longer communicate with him and questioning if he should end it all.

Watch the video clip below:

In the full video, Osiris also spoke about not seeing his kids in six or seven months, not making money from music in years, feeling like everybody hates him, and feeling like he can’t do anything right.

Osiris recently clarified the emotional video by saying:

I just want to say this… Let’s not get this misconstrued that Osiris was being emotional.

Osiris was crying because certain people in the industry doesn’t mess with him.

That’s not true! 

The reason I was crying, the reason that I was showing emotions… to let people know that other people feeling like this too.

I show so much love, I show so much happiness and joy… to people that I really love, that I really mess with, that I really look up to, but I don’t get the same results.

So that’s the way I was feeling. And the devil trying to crush me, he trying to break me down, he trying to break me to pieces, but I’m not going to let him do that.

And the devil is a liar!

I’m not going to let him do that. I’m a king . I am who I am, and I’m going to stay like that.

I know what I stand for, and I stand for love, I stand for peace, I stand for happiness. 

I’m not going to let nobody change that, and I’m sorry to all my supporters, and all my family that I showed that.

But, I just want to let people know that… I love…

Watch Osiris’ clarification video below courtesy of “Get Hip TV“:


Osiris was often seen at Drake’s house less than a year ago.


Watch Osiris’ full length emotional video below courtesy of “Get Hip TV“:


YK Osiris is going through a rough time right now, and prayerfully he gets the help he needs to rebuild his confidence and stop looking for validation throw the eyes of others.

A lot of his fans posted some encouraging comments under his most recent Instagram post:

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