‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Sierra Gates Checks Her Husband Eric For Disrespecting Her In Front Of Her Son

Sierra Gates checked her husband, Eric, for being jealous of the bond she has with her kids and disrespecting her in front of her son in Season 11, Episode 2 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Early in the episode, Sierra revealed to Bambi that she secretly got married to Eric, and now she’s planning an escape because he turned into a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

She said they had only been married for a few months, but she quickly learned that he is very insecure, very jealous, very possessive, and very disrespectful to her in front of her kids.

She also revealed to Bambi that she is planning to move out without Eric knowing about it.

In the last scene of the episode, Sierra and Eric got into an argument inside their home, and Sierra checked him for disrespecting her in front of her kids.

The reason why it’s hard to adjust with Mason because he’s heard you call me b*****s and ho** before.

You can’t disrespect my son in front of my face and then think you just going to come in the house and just be like, ‘Oh yeah, she supposed to be kumbaya between me and this son…’

No, you just got a jealous streak.

You didn’t want to be with nobody with kids…

Did you want somebody with kids?…

Eric responded in a solo shot:

I always wanted my next female to have no children because my first should be your first.

But, because I loved her so much, I feel like I compromised and I still proposed to her, and I still tried.

And building with her and her children was difficult because they’re already older.

Me adding my structure and just my lifestyle it kind of clashed. So it never really worked the way it should’ve worked.

Watch the clip of Sierra checking Eric in “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” S11, E2 below:

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