LL Cool J Dispels The Rumor That Biggie Took A Shot At Him On The Song “Who Shot Ya”

LL Cool J appeared on “Sway’s Universe” and dispelled the rumor that Biggie took a shot at him on the song “Who Shot Ya.”

Sway told LL Cool J that they had the prestigious journalist Bonsu Thompson on the show recently, and according to what he heard, LL recorded the song, “I Shot You,” because of the line in Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya”:

Old school, new school, you need to learn tho…

After a pause seemingly to mentally digest what was just said, LL responded:

I need him to stick to his day job.

And if that is his day job he might want to reassess that sh*t.

…Nah, I got love for him, I’m just teasing.

Um, I’m just teasing, man, don’t get mad at me.

Um, nah that’s not true. I was in the studio when Biggie wrote ‘Who Shot Ya’… Literally!… Like, I was literally in the studio when he made the song.

I was literally, physically, in the studio with Notorious B.I.G when he wrote ‘Shot Ya,’ I mean, ‘Who Shot Ya.’

I was in the studio sitting with Biggie when he wrote ‘Who Shot Ya.’

I said, ‘Biggie, yo, why you smoke so much weed when you writing your joints?’, and this was at this time he was I guess still writing before he started memorizing, you know…

He said, ‘Ah, it makes me feel like I’m in the track,’ and we just started laughing and laughing…

Watch the clip of the LL Cool J interview from “Sway’s Universe” below:

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