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LisaRaye Tells Meek Mill To ‘Come Through’ (Video)

LisaRaye was asked by her co-hosts on “Cocktails With The Queens” if she would be open to dating Meek Mill after he expressed interest in her and she responded, “he can come through!”

Meek Mill flirted with LisaRaye after hearing she was starting an OnlyFans account.

Meek said he’s willing to drop a bag for the “VIP Package.”

LisaRaye’s co-hosts wasted no time trying to make a love connection.

See the video below from the “Cocktails With The Queens” show:

LisaRaye is 53 years-old and Meek Mill is 33, but he can definitely learn a lot from a mature woman.

The ball is back in Meek’s court, and it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

This is reminiscent of when 50 cent told Vivica Fox that she looked good in her red dress at an awards show and a few weeks later they were dating.

Do you think Meek Mill and LisaRaye will make a good couple?

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