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Lionel Richie was as salty as Mortons at one of his recent shows when he put Diana Ross on blast.

The legendary crooner told concertgoers that he has been trying to get the legendary diva to perform their timeless classic, “Endless Love,” for 37 years and she consistently says, “No.”

But, Ms. Ross pulled up to the SoFi Stadium to sing “Happy Birthday” to Beyoncé at her September 4th show.

Lionel Richie was on stage when he said:

There is a song I want to do, and for 37 years, I have tried my best to get Ms. Diana Ross to show up on this stage right here, tonight. For 37 years, I have tried to call Ms. Ross on the phone…

Full disclosure, it was clear to me when I said she has told me no for 37 years. What did you think she was gone do? Show up tonight? The woman ain’t coming.

She’s over there singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Beyoncé.

Piss me off.

Watch the clip below, shared by Loni Love on Instagram.

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross recorded and released “Endless Love” in 1982.

To this very day, the song is hailed as the greatest love song of all-time.

“Endless Love” was famously covered the Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey in 1994.

Lionel and Diana performed this timeless classic for the first and only time at the Oscars in 1982.

During an appearance on “What What Happens Live,” Lionel Richie told Andy Cohen their busy schedules kept them from recreating the magic on stage.

We just could never get our schedules together… that’s one of the things that I miss about my entire career, having us onstage together.

I seriously doubt Diana Ross has any desire to perform this song with Lionel Richie if she’s been saying “No” for 37 years.

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