Lil Scrappy (1)

Lil Scrappy doesn’t want or need any best wishes or words of encouragement when it comes to his divorce from Bambi.

Bambi and the “No Problem” rapper, whose real name is Darryl Richardson III, are having to relieve their divorce drama as it plays out week-by-week on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Lil Scrappy wants folks to know that part of his life is over with so there is no need to try to coddle him in the streets of social media.

He said:

I gotta say something…

Quit talking about ‘keep your head up’ – all that s**t y’all watching that s**t been done – over with!

Okay?! I don’t need your best wishes and your well wishes – whatever that s**t called! 

God bless y’all. 

This s**t happened so long ago – we moved on! 

Everybody moved on. 

When I post something saying something about a shoe or talking about the sky or talking about the day I’m having…you don’t have to say, ‘Be strong. Keep your head up,’ or start talking about the TV s**t.

I been did that TV s**t! That s**t in the past for me.

Watch below as Lil Scrappy asks folks to keep their good wishes.

To be fair, it has to be wildly annoying to have to rehash a chapter of your life that has been closed because it’s airing on reality TV.

But, that’s what Lil Scrappy signed up for, and collects a check for.

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