'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Renni Rucci Throws Drank On Erica Banks During Heated Argument

In Season 11, Episode 10 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Renni Rucci threw a drink in Erica Banks’ face after she commented on her mental health.

At the request of her friend Sierra Gates, Renni agreed to sit down with Erica Banks to try to hash out their past issues.

Both women felt slighted by each other because there were rumors that they had been involved with each other’s men at one point in time.

Renni denied any involvement with Erica’s guy and alleged that Erica slept with her man before they got together and didn’t tell her about it.

As the conversation got more heated, Erica made a statement about Renni’s mental health that struck a nerve in her because she recently lost her mother.

Renni let the comment marinate for a few seconds, and then she grabbed her drank and threw it directly in Erica’s face.

The women appeared to make physical contact with each other after the drink was thrown, but security quickly separated them.

Watch the clip of Renni Rucci throwing her drink on Erica Banks from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” S11, E10 below:

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