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Lil Nas X To Release ‘Satan Shoes’ With A Drop Of Human Blood In Them

Lil Nas X is about to one-up Cardi B with some real bloody shoes. The rapper has teamed up with MSCHF and Nike to create “Satan Shoes” due to release on March 29, 2021.

MSCHF (pronounced mischief) is the company behind the campaign and they have reinvented the Nike Air Max ’97 with Lil Nas X’s new provocative “Montero” song and video in mind.

The shoe has Luke 10:18 on the side, which is a bible verse that references Satan’s banishment from heaven.

There is a 666 reference on the back heel of the shoe with another number in front of the triple six which signifies the release number of the pair of shoes.

Reportedly MSCHF/Nike are releasing 666 pairs of the sneakers at a price point of $1,018 per pair.

For those that didn’t catch it in the price of the shoes, 18 is what you get when you add six three times.

The most defining feature of the shoe is the one drop of human blood which is to be located somewhere along the sole of the shoe.

It is not known whose blood will be used.

I’m not sure if I believe this feature because how do you verify there is actual blood in the sole of the shoes?

Get a closer look at the “Satan Shoes” in the Twitter post below:

I’m surprised Nike agreed to this, but this is right up MSCHF alley.

I rebuke this sneaker release in the name of the Lord.

Your thoughts…

Source: TMZ

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