Lil Boosie Slaps Fiyah Out Of Extra On Set Of Video Shoot & Pays Him $554 Afterwards

Lil Boosie delivered a $554 slap to an extra on the set of the “Period” video shoot, a song that also features Da Baby.

I’m sure Pops didn’t expect to get his dentures shifted when he signed up to be an extra.

In the video, Lil Boosie and Da Baby appear to be in a corner store or gas station store when Pops starts mouthing off at Boosie about him not being a rapper.

The force that Boosie hit Pops with resonates off the screen and nearly knocks Pops to the ground.

Watch the video below:

Boosie didn’t have to take his frustrations out on Pops like that.

After Pops regained consciousness, Boosie paid him $500 and DaBaby gave him a $54 tip.

Would you have taken that slap for $554?

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