Cardi B has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts again with her infectious new single, “Up.”

The news comes on the heels of her Grammys performance that left her fans going wild and YouTube moms in tears.

[Grammys: Cardi B Performs ‘Up’ & ‘WAP’ Feat. Megan Thee Stallion]

Kulture‘s mama took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment writing:

I want God to come see me in my dreams when I take my nap today so I can kiss his feet and tell him how much I love him !!! Yoooooo sh*t is amazing yoooooo. I got no words. Actually I got a lot of words but I can’t type it all ????????NUMBER 1!!!!!

See the original post below:

Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived as Cardi B became distracted by the naysayers and began to focus her energy on shutting them up.

She wrote:

It’s sad that when I win people gotta scramble with lies for my success. Like they ain’t saw everybody, people coming out Amazon trucks and ambulances dancing my sh*t ????????????They love to run with that “Payola” to make them feel better mind you I didn’t debut number 1 because of my low radio play and WAP barely made radio cause it was so explicit yet still made number 1. Look at the second slide look at my AirPlay (radio) compare to other artist radio spins. WHEN YOU START WINNING THE STORIES START SPINNING!!! Imma address all the hate on my album tho wait on it !!!

Peep her posts below:

Never let a hater rain on your parade – dance in the rain in their faces!

Congrats Cardi!