Summer Walker questions woman Anisa Ali Abdu wearing Lil Meech BMF chain (1)

Summer Walker slid into the DMs of a woman who was seen in the streets of Instagram wearing Lil Meech‘s BMF chain.

Anisa Ali Abdu, a video creator from Toronto, posted an Instagram Story of herself wearing the infamous BMF chain while rapping along to a Hip Hop song.

Summer wasted no time getting to the bottom of the situation by sending Anisa a direct message to ask, “How y’all know one another?”

Anisa immediately went into fan mode, apologized, and offered to take the video down.

Hi love, first off I’m a huge supporter me and him don’t know each other at all.

My apologies if you feel disrespected. I can take the videos down if you’d like.

I’m not that type of woman.

Summer Walker responded, “You don’t have to take them down, but if y’all don’t know each other how’d u end up with his chain on?”

Anisa explained:

It was such a random night, but I ran into the security and just asked to try it on. 

Meech and I didn’t even have a conversation on God. 

Summer had a few more questions before ending her interrogation, “So you just happened to get in they car with it on? No conversation?”

Anisa responded, “I had no conversation with Meech.”

Summer Walker asked again, “I’m sayin how’d you get in the car with no conversation?”

Anisa explained again, “I spoke with security and I was in the car with security.”

For clarity, Summer confirmed, “& him or just security.”

Anisa responded, “Only security.”

See the exchange below.

Summer Walker DMs woman Anisa wearing Lil Meech BMF chain (1)

Meanwhile, on another blog, Lil Meech commented on the post about Anisa wearing his chain and substantiated her claims that it was just security.

Meech commented:

Man one of my bodyguards was so thirsty to get some action he let his b**ch put my s**t on and I fired his a** same day. Smh clout chaser.

See the post below.

Lil Meech on woman wearing BMF chain

It looks like Anisa had one more tidbit to share after Summer Walker posted their DM convo.

Anisa posted a DM from Lil Meech where he’s offering to CashApp her for making a post. 

She captioned the post:

Lol I’m not ugly first off MashaAllah

Second, the security def got no action cut it out. 

Third, let’s not play dumb when you called Summer on FT who did you take upstairs to the Ritz? 👀

See the original post below.

Anisa - Lil Meech

Twitter has joined the convo to weigh in on these shenanigans.

Peep a few tweets below.

At this point, Lil Meech’s BMF chain has been around more necks than a heat rash.

I hope Summer Walker keeps her head on a swivel.

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