Maury Povich Offers At-Home DNA Paternity Tests

Maury Povich has launched a DNA paternity test company that will allow consumers to find out the paternity of their child in the privacy of their home.

Maury’s paternity test company is called “The Results Are In,” and the tests that he is selling can be done anywhere.

The testing kits contain material and instructions on how to take a DNA sample. The sample is then sent to a lab at a DNA Diagnostic Center. The results will be available in 2-3 business days. The results are confidential with a 99.99% accuracy rate.

Maury has become known as the Paternity Test Guru, and his catchphrases “You are the father” or “You are not the father” have been heard on his show in many homes throughout the years.

The “Maury” show aired from 1991 – 2022 (24 seasons), and the paternity test drama became the main focus of the show.

Watch a few clips from previous episodes of the “Maury” show below:

Maury Povich is onto something with these at-home tests!

He is taking the public embarrassment of the public paternity test reveals on his show and is now allowing you to run through your own home when you get the results.

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Source: TMZ

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