Lil Boosie, or Boosie Badazz, opened up about the “painful” relationship he has with his mother, who has always favored his older brother, Taquari “TQ” Hatch.

During a recent interview with VLADTV, the 40-year-old rapper, known for his outspoken nature, addressed his ongoing legal dispute with his brother, TQ, whom he accuses of fraud and stealing $5 million.

Boosie also raised allegations of TQ forging his signature on crucial documents that enabled his artist, Yung Bleu, to sign with Empire.

During the interview with DJ Vlad, the conversation shifted to the longstanding issue of Lil Boosie’s mother, Jacquelyn Hatch, consistently favoring his older brother, TQ.

Boosie revealed that TQ, as his mother’s firstborn child, has always held a special place in her heart, describing him as her “pet,” and noted that this dynamic has been consistent throughout their lives, even during their ongoing legal dispute.

Every time. This been since the back of the car. If he kicked the seat, I got slapped.

Lil Boosie reveals that his mother is urging him to drop his lawsuits against TQ.

He’s always been favored by my mom. She paid to send him to Magnet school. I went to the trenches. I played outside. He stayed in the house on the computer. You see where I’m at?

A woman’s first child is special. Even her sisters would tell you like, ‘Boy, you know she gone do that because she feel like you’re the hard one.

Having acknowledged his own favoritism with his firstborn, daughter Ivy Hatch, Boosie shares the heartache he experiences in his relationship with his mother.

Coming up, Ivy was everything. And it reflects back with my mother and TQ. Like that is her everything. When I get in trouble…she’s fighting for him not to get in trouble.

But, when I get in trouble you know what it is? You made your bed…you lay in it.

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Expressing his pain, Boosie recalled a conversation with a relative:

I called him crying like, ‘Bro, this has been happening to me my whole life. I can expect this.

But, it hurt, man. It hurt when you have that relationship with your mother, and you’ve done so much for your mother, and she’s been by your side.

But, when it comes to this side, every time…I don’t get any love. I get shunned, and it hurts me.

Watch below as Lil Boosie opens up about his mother and his brother, TQ. 

Your relationship with your mother can be the most amazing, complex, and/or hurtful experience of your life.

I pray things get better between Lil Boosie (Boosie Badazz) and his mother.

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