Lil Baby - Blueface-Chrisean Rock

Lil Baby took to the streets of Twitter and expeditiously set the record straight after Blueface and Chrisean Rock tried to pull him into their online circus.

The “Do We Have A Problem” rapper was spotted talking to Chrisean back in February during the Super Bowl events and somehow he has become a third party to Blueface and Chrisean’s endless social media shenanigans regarding their month-old son, Chrisean Malone Jr. 

Blueface’s current stance is he is not the child’s father and he’s been alluding to the fact that Lil Baby may be the child’s father. 

In an effort to reciprocate her baby father’s trolling, Chrisean Rock may have gone a step too far. 

After Blue shouted out her sister, Tesehki, via Twitter, Chrisean shouted out Lil Baby, by tweeting he’s “a real one.”

Then, she took to her Instagram Story and reposted the photo of him of him talking to her.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Lil Baby slid into the streets of Twitter writing: 

I ain’t with the trolling s***! I be laughing at certain s*** but Aite now stop playing I ain’t never tried to talk to no mf Chrisean!! Please stop attaching my name to that! I seen her at a party an told her some real s*** she know I never tried to talk to her! I know I bring attention but Chrisean even trolling about a child an stuff is too far!! Like 😒 Thanks!

See his original tweets below. 

Lil Baby tweets Chrisean Rock (1)

Chrisean Rock doubled down on Lil Baby’s tweets via her Instagram Story.

She initially tweeted:

Like come on bro wen my innocent baby was posted by his father his whole private area was on Twitter! BUT GUESS WHO name WAS IN THE f******* CAPTION “Lil Baby” I just needed bro to clear the f****** air before something else happens like I’m starting to feel like nobody hear me.

Chrisean shared the tweet via her IG Story adding:

Now that Lil Baby confirming what I already said tell my BD he can relax n be a father now. Nobody said he was the Daddy I’m just happy Lil Baby finally saying something because I’m not trynna keep having a pissing contest with my BD about something I already told him bout. Straight up THANKS! Next he might post Jr. butthole or something he just hit where it hurts. I been said it wasn’t like dat I just need my BD to get it.

See Chrisean Rock’s original post below. 

Chrisean Rock IG Story Lil Baby

Meanwhile, in the midst of all of this tomfoolery, Chrisean Jr. reportedly underwent hernia surgery today. 

So, join me in focusing on sending up a prayer for the baby. 

With these parents – he is going to need every prayer you can spare.

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