Lena Waithe sat down with Ronnie, from ‘The CHI’, to get his perspective on his character’s arch and his character’s demise.

Ntare Mwine, Ronnie, begins the conversation with his beautiful daughter by his side.

Ntare’s daughter actually played his granddaughter on an episode of ‘The CHI’.

Ntare revealed that his daughter was born a day before he got the job to work on ‘The CHI’, in essence, double blessings.

The conversation was very insightful as Lena explained her vision for the character and asked Ntare how he felt about some of Ronnie’s high and low moments on the show.

Lena asked some questions herself and she took some questions from fans, from:

How was the overall experience of playing the character Ronnie?

How was it filming the spiritual journey that Ronnie was on?

How was it shooting the death scene?

Enjoy the conversation in the vid below:


Ntare was extremely appreciative to Lena for allowing him to play the character Ronnie, and he jokingly talked about how he auditioned 6 times for the role.

Ntare has a lot of future work coming up and he accredits Lena for giving him the opportunity to show his talent to the world.

Lena Waithe did a great job with the character Ronnie, and she thanked Ntare for bringing humility and morality to the role.

Will you support Ntare on his future projects?

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