“The CHI” Season 3 Finale aired last night and we want to know your reactions.

Watch the Season 3 Finale trailer below:

The finale episode focused on Kiesha’s decision to keep the baby by the creep that sexually assaulted her.

I’m not sure why she’s even contemplating whether she should keep the baby or not, but the episode portrayed that due to her trauma her emotions and thoughts may be scattered.

I was not a fan of this storyline because, in my opinion, it is unrealistic.

I don’t understand why someone would even think about having a child by someone that sexually assaulted them.

Kiesha tried to justify her indecisiveness by equating Ronnie’s life to her unborn child’s, but there is no correlation because Ronnie’s mother was not sexually assaulted.

Pappa checked his father on his faith and morality.

I felt this was a strong scene because it keyed in on the dynamic of a father-son relation when the son realizes that the father may not be the man he wants to emulate.

In the end, Pappa’s father lets him know he is human and he tells Pappa that he wants him to be a better man than him, a powerful scene.

Jada, Emmet’s mother, threw a bachelorette party for Tiffany.

The bachelorette banner and the hired entertainment was hilarious.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Darnell took his son, Emmet, on a couple’s spa date for his bachelor party.

Once Emmet realized Darnell had a coupon for them to get massaged together, Emmet couldn’t take it anymore and he bailed.

Darnell has always been comedy relief to me, he reminds me of that family member that always says what he is thinking good or bad.

Darnell’s resemblance to Jalen Rose is also funny to me.

Camille Hallaway, Lena Waithe’s character, basically gave up in the mayoral race after receiving incriminating evidence against Douda.

I felt this storyline was unrealistic as well because politics is a dirty game, and the players are in it to win it so why wouldn’t Camille use the evidence she had to win…

Douda is back to his old tricks by propositioning Trig, Reg’s older brother, to take over his street business while he plays politics as the new mayor.

My hope is that Trig has a plan to expose Douda from the inside out in Season 4.

All in all, I felt the Season 3 Finale of “The CHI” was good but not great.

I felt the episode prior to the Finale, when Ronnie got shot, was more powerful.

What are your thoughts on the Season 3 Finale?


  1. I applaud Lena Waithe for such a realistic storyline. she touched on topics and issues that are not discussed. Issues that people feel or hard to talk about or turn they heads to. The emotions and trauma that Kesha is dealing with after her sexual assault is normal. Around 32000 pregnancies result from rape each year. She is showing options that the Survivor may have just because she did not abort the baby does not mean she may not give it up for adoption next season. Abortion may have been against her moral values which caused conflict mentally for her even though she was sexually violated the baby is a victim as well in her eyes you never know what the survivors thinking or battling in her mind. It’s the sad truth to the realization of the world we live in and I’m thankful that it’s being addressed.

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