Brandy Teaches Moniece Slaughter Some Vocal Tricks From The Song ‘Borderline’

Moniece Slaughter took advantage of her friendship with Brandy to learn some vocal harmonies from the song ‘Borderline’, off of Brandy’s new album.

Moniece is a huge Brandy fan, and she has studied her music for years.

It’s funny to see Moniece reference the song on her phone while Brandy is sitting in front of her trying to teach it to her.

Brandy has a beautiful voice and she hits the notes effortlessly.

Despite Moniece coming across as socially problematic on reality tv, she is a very good student and she handles Brandy’s instruction well.

Watch below as Brandy teaches Moniece the harmonies:


I’m sure vocalist can appreciate this video more than the average listener.

What do you think of Moniece Slaughter’s singing voice?

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