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Former NBA star Dwight Howard has been accused of assault and battery in a shocking new lawsuit filed by a man he met on Instagram.

Radar Online obtained court documents, where a man named Stephen Harper claims Dwight Howard forced him to participate in a threesome at his Atlanta home in July 2021.

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Stephen claims he initially reached out to Dwight via Instagram DM on May 29, 2021, using his “secondary Instagram account.”

According to Stephen, Dwight Howard responded to the DM with a devil emoji. (😈)

The two of them continued to exchange direct messages.

Dwight eventually asked for more information about Stephen, who gave him his name and his main Instagram account information.

Things escalated pretty quickly from there. 

Stephen Harper claims Dwight Howard asked him to send nude and sexually explicit pics because he’s “into freaky” stuff.

Screenshots included in the lawsuit allegedly show Dwight telling Stephen, “Now I want you to know I’m not like gay or anything. I’m jus a lil nasty sometimes. Ion wanna offend you.”

According to the lawsuit, Stephen Harper says he and Dwight Howard continued to exchange text messages, several of which included sexually explicit content including photos and videos.

The alleged assault occurred on July 19, 2021, when Dwight contacted Stephen to tell him he was “thinking about that meat” and wanted him to come to his Georgia home.

In his lawsuit, Stephen says Dwight Howard told him that his son was asleep, but was alone. 

Dwight also noted that Stephen would have to be gone before everyone woke up. 

Stephen Harper took an Uber to Dwight’s place.

While in route, Stephen received a text from the baller asking if he wanted to have a threesome with a “dude” or a “girl.”

Stephen says he declined the offer for a threesome.

After arriving at Dwight Howard’s home, Stephen said they went to his bedroom, removed their clothes, and “engaged in consensual kissing.”

Stephen says they talked for about 40 minutes before Dwight steered the convo back to one of a sexual nature.” 

He also noticed Dwight was on his phone texting someone. 

A few minutes later, a man arrived, dressed as a woman, and called themselves “Kitty.”

The lawsuit alleges Dwight Howard wanted Stephen Harper to have a threesome with him and Kitty.

Stephen says he told Dwight he wanted to leave but the former NBA star convinced him to stay.

At that point, Kitty turned on an adult film and began performing oral sex on Dwight. 

When Dwight attempted to coax Stephen to participate he says he shook his head “no” and then verbally said, “no.”

Stephen said Dwight became angry when he told him to stop.

Dwight allegedly told Stephen he was “going to do whatever” and he was “going to like it.”

Stephen Harper says he feared Dwight and Kitty would harm him if he resisted the sexual advances.

The lawsuit reads: 

Defendant stood up (towering over Mr. Harper), grabbed Mr. Harper by the thighs, forcibly removed Mr. Harper’s underwear, held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper.

Mr. Harper was in fear of imminent bodily harm when he was pinned down and forced to remain in place while Defendant continued to sexually assault him.

According to Stephen, Dwight stopped when he realized Stephen was not aroused and ordered him to his bed.

The lawsuit states, once they were on the bed, Kitty penetrated Dwight, who forced Stephen to perform oral sex on him.

Stephen Harper said when it was over, he immediately got dressed and called an Uber. 

He said he felt “extremely violated and humiliated and was in complete shock.”

When he tried to leave, Dwight allegedly ordered Kitty to take Stephen Harper home.

The lawsuit accuses Dwight Howard of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. 

It’s unclear how much Stephen Harper is seeking in damages.

Dwight Howard had an 18-year career in the NBA before retiring after his third stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He is currently signed with the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan, where he received a $1 million contract. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Dwight Howard has been allegedly outed or his sexuality has been called into question.  

However, he has denied being gay.

Dwight Howard has five children with five different women.

Braylon Howard was born in 2007 (Royce Reed), Layla Howard was born in 2010 (Tiffany Render), Jayde Howard was born two months after Layla in 2010 (Hope Alexa), Dwight Howard III was born in 2013 (Christine Vest), and David Howard was born six months after Dwight III in 2013 (Melissa Rios). 

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This shocking lawsuit comes on the heels of Royce Reed making some pretty strong accusations against him as a father via social media. 

She took to Instagram writing:

This man is evil.

Y’all fall for it every time.

Ask him why he’s telling a 12yo he’s gay bcuz he hadn’t “touched anything” or watching porn with them?

Better yet why it took him 4.5 years to fire the nanny that molested 2 of his kids.

Royce also claimed Dwight Howard wanted her to sign an NDA after asking her to be the “matriarch” of his polyamorous relationships.

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I’m just waiting for Lifetime to do “Surviving Dwight Howard.”

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