Rep Mesha Mainor joins Republican Party Georgia GOP

Rep. Mesha Mainor switched parties on Tuesday (July 11) after being at odds with Democrats and she ain’t sorry about it!

Mainor becomes the only Black member of the GOP among Georgia’s 236 state lawmakers, and the first Black Republican woman to ever serve in the Georgia General Assembly. 

Rep. Mesha Mainor’s defection gives Republicans a 102-78 edge in the House.

She took to Twitter writing:

My name is Rep. Meisha Mainor and today I made the decision to leave the Democrat Party. 

I represent a blue district in the city of Atlanta so this wasn’t a political decision for me. It was a a MORAL one. 

I will NEVER apologize for being a black woman with a mind of my own.

See her original tweet below. 

Mesha was first elected in 2020 and represents House District 56, an ultra-Democratic swath of Atlanta including its Midtown neighborhood and close-in parts of the city’s west side. 

At that time, she gave her word that she wouldn’t switch parties.

But, after being at odds with Democrats for reasons including her support for school vouchers and disciplining prosecutors, she is now encouraging other Democrats to flip the switch like she did.

“I am encouraging more Black Americans and Black Democrats in particular – you might have this coat on, but I suggest you look at the lining. See what’s on the inside,” she said.

Naturally, Rep. Mesha Mainor is drawing criticism for her being a turncoat.

One Twitter user wrote: 

@MeshaMainor If you are becoming a Republican at this time, given all that has transpired the last two years and before, your decision has nothing to do with morals.

Todays Republican Party lacks morals.  You are FOS.

Another person tweeted: 

You should resign. Your constituents elected you as a Democrat and you chose otherwise.

That is acceptable. However, they didn’t vote for you as a member of the Republican party. 

If you’re going to do things based on principle, resign, and run as a Republican in a special election.

But, Rep. Mesha Mainor took to her own timeline to let everyone know she ain’t sorry and she’s not apologizing for her decision!

I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. 

The Democrat Party left ME when it embraced left-wing radicalism, lawlessness, and put the interests of illegal aliens over the interest of Americans. 

I have nothing to apologize for.

See her original tweet below. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was at the door waiting to let Mesha in. 

It appears Rep. Mesha Mainor is loving her new squad. 

Welp. Y’all know what to do during the elections.

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