Las Vegas Police Investigating Battery Complaint Of Spectator Slapping Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray received five fingers to the face from a spectator at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday (September 18) while celebrating his victory over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Officer Larry Hadfield, a Las Vegas police spokesman, confirmed that “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.”

The complaint was made at the stadium around 6:30 PM.

Kyler Murray was not named as the reporting person.

According to officer Hadfield, a suspect was not immediately identified and the investigation is ongoing.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said on Monday (September 19) that he hadn’t seen the video, but he thinks the guy’s a lowlife, and he should be banned.

I was just told about it. But I think that guy’s a lowlife, whoever did it, and I hope they arrest him, he gets fired and can never go to another game.

In the video, Kyler runs to what appears to be a group of Arizona Cardinals fans, and he is greeted with daps and pats on the back by most, but you can see a White guy in a gray shirt put his hand up and bring it down in a fast motion quickly rake slapping Kyler Murray across his face.

Kyler’s reaction is delayed, but once he realizes he’s been slapped, he turns around and pushes a guy’s arm into the face of the guy that slapped him.

The slapper starts cheering with the crowd to blend in to avoid any more retaliation from Mr. Murray.

Watch the spectator slap Kyler Murray in the video below:

Kyler Murray and his Cardinals teammates were overjoyed with the victory because Kyler led them to their first win of the season with an amazing comeback, which included 2 touchdowns and two 2-point conversions in the final 8 minutes to force overtime.

Source: ESPN

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