The Lakers will be wearing the Black Mamba uniforms in tomorrow’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat and they are hoping to maintain their undefeated record when wearing the uniforms in the playoffs.

So far, the Lakers have gone 4-0 in the playoffs when wearing the Black Mamba uniforms and if they win tomorrow night it would be an awesome tribute to Kobe Bryant to win the Championship in a uniform he designed.

Kobe Bryant was the creative director on the design of the jerseys in 2017, and he is responsible for the mamba snakeskin that is woven into the jerseys.

I’m definitely not a Lakers fan, but I must admit the jersey’s are dope!

Both LeBron James and Anthony Davis feel like they can’t be beaten when they wear the Black Mamba jerseys.

“It’s always special to be able to represent someone who meant so much, not only to the game but obviously to the Lakers organization for 20-plus years,” James stated after Game 2. “For us to honor him being on the floor, this is what it’s all about.” 

Listen to Anthony Davis in the clip below express how he feels about the Black Mamba uniforms after he hit a game-winning shot in the Lakers-Nuggets series:

Sportscenter did a great segment called “The Story Behind The Lakers’ Black Mamba Jerseys” watch below:

I understand the nostalgia this uniform brings and the Lakers feel the jerseys make them more focused, but the reality is wearing the Mamba uniforms doesn’t guarantee victory.

I am a huge Kobe fan, but what will it mean for the Lakers if they lose Game 5 in the Mamba uniforms?

I’m sure Laker fans will brush it off as one game and they will still have 2 games left in the series, but all the hype surrounded behind these jerseys are putting a lot of pressure on the Lakers to close the series out tomorrow night.

In my opinion, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not the best performers under intense pressure, but I guess only time will tell.

Do you believe the Lakers will close out the Heat tomorrow night in the Black Mamba jerseys and win the NBA Championship?

Source: Bleacher Report