Jimmy Butler is coming off of a 40-point triple-double in Game 3, and despite the naysayers, the Miami Heat believe they can defeat the Lakers and win the championship.

As they should!

Most sports analysts believe the Miami Heat will not win another game in the Finals, but the Miami Heat are in the Finals because they earned the right to be there.

Jimmy Butler’s 40-point triple-double made NBA history, and the fact that he had that against the “Chosen One” LeBron James makes it even more special.

Jimmy Butler has said from the beginning of the playoffs that this Miami Heat team is special, and with his Game 3 performance he is raising some eyebrows.

The professional analysis I’ve heard of the upcoming Game 4 tonight is that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will come out strong and lead the Lakers to victory.

I expect the Lakers to come out strong but lose to Miami in the end.

I’m sure the Lakers’ defense will key in on Jimmy Butler in Game 4 and that will be the perfect time for Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson to find their rhythm from the three-point line.

Honestly, the Miami Heat has not played up to their potential in this series, and if Bam Adebayo comes back tonight then the Heat will have even more confidence.

The sports media has been extremely disrespectful to the Miami Heat because they think the Lakers are a superior team, but if the Lakers are so much better why did Jimmy Butler score 40 points on them and lead a team without two of it’s best players to victory over them?

Watch the clip below from the “JUMP” to see the disrespect given to the Miami Heat:

I’m definitely going with the Miami Heat to win tonight and even the series up, and I’m sure the sports world will shift and start talking about how resilient and confident the Miami Heat have been.

Who do you think will win Game 4 tonight?