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La La Anthony Connects With Joe LaPuma To Talk About Her Passion For Sneakers & Her Sneaker Plugs

La La Anthony aka Dom (‘The Chi’)… aka Keisha (‘Power’) met with Joe LaPuma, from Complex, on an episode of ‘Sneaker Stories’ to talk about her passion for sneakers, her sneaker plugs, and how she is more of a sneakerhead than her husband.

La La Anthony is known to challenge anyone on their sneaker collection.

Her celebrity status and her husband being an NBA star has allowed her the cheat code to attain exclusive releases.

La La admits that her relationship with Kim Kardashian is her Yeezy plug, and her husband’s relationship with Michael Jordan makes it pretty easy for her to tiptoe in dem Jordans!

La La talks about her favorite pair of sneakers, and she tells us what pair of sneakers was hardest for her to get.

Watch the vid below:

This was a great episode of ‘Sneaker Stories’, and I have a whole new respect for La La’s sneaker collection.

What is your favorite pair of sneakers?

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