Rapper Gunna blessed the students at McNair Middle School, in College Park, Georgia, with an awesome grocery and clothing store, free to all students inside the school.

The store is called Gunna’s Drip Closet, and in partnership with GOODR it provides 900 students with quick access to food, hygiene products, and clothes.

The shelves are restocked weekly, and the store is open during school hours for all students at the school.

Gunna is a former student of McNair Middle, and he said he told himself once he got on he was going to do things like this.

This is things that I said that I was going to do when I got on, and I got in a position to do it.

So I just got to follow that and stand on it.

The students at McNair are super excited about the store, and Gunna left them with some very encouraging words.

Stay in school, stay motivated, when you go through something learn from the situation, and keep going.

And always pray to God, keep God first.

Watch the CBS46 Atlanta news report below:

GOODR founder Jasmine Crowe took to social media to share:

The @gunna Goodr Grocery Store and Drip Closet is now open. The store features vegan options, shelf-stable foods, frozen meals, fresh produce, snacks, toiletries, shoes, and clothing. The shortage of these items for any student is something known to have a negative impact on a child’s ability to focus on learning. Students at Ronald E. McNair Middle School will now have daily access to these items, free of charge, and the ability to take them home to their families. Swipe for more photos and videos, plus some laughs

See her original post below.

I just gained a differently level of respect for Gunna.

Your thoughts?