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Kym Whitley Opens Up About Her ‘First True Love’ Gerald Levert

Kym Whitley is opening up about her “first true love,” Gerald Levert, in her upcoming episode of “Uncensored.” 

The comedian and actress shared how she’s known Gerald since they were children because they grew up in the same neighborhood.

When they became sweet on each other, her parents weren’t happy about it because “they just weren’t into the music situation.”

Kym Whitley went on to share how she and Gerald Levert stayed connected for many years and he told her: 

You can go out to Hollywood and you can pursue your career, but if you want to be with me – I’m gonna let you know there can only be one star in this family.

Kym shared she and Gerald made a pact to get married later in life and the reason why it never happened:

Because he died. He died and that’s what he did. He left me here to fend for myself and deal with this life alone.

But, had Gerald lived we definitely would have gotten married.


Gerald passed away on November 10, 2006, after suffering a heart attack.

Watch the clip below. 

Be sure to tune in this Sunday, September 19 at 10/9c to see Kym Whitley “Uncensored” only on TV One.

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