Kwame Brown - Ja Morant

Kwame Brown is trending in the streets of Twitter after he read Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant like a bedtime story after he seemingly flashed another gun on Instagram Live over the weekend.

The latest incident involving a gun comes just two months after Ja Morant was suspended for 8 games and entered a treatment facility in Florida in an effort to get his act together.

Kwame Brown didn’t mince words or pull punches when he addressed the NBA point guard who is on the verge of fumbling a multi-million bag because he appears to be more interested in winning the hood Olympics than playing professional basketball.

In the four-minute video clip, which has gone viral, the 41-year-old former Washington Wizards star dug channeled the spirit of Judge Joe Brown as he read Ja Morant for filth.

Kwame said:

So, Ja Morant. You like to play with guns huh, boy?

So instead of you just being in your house, buying all of the guns you want, playing with all of the guns you want off camera…you want to get in trouble for having a gun at a club, give a bulls**t apology, and then show a gun on Instagram Live?

I’ve heard of NBA YoungBoy. But, you NBA Dumb Boy. 

You’ve got the be the dumbest motherf**ker in the league! 

You got $231M promised to you and you want to be a f**king thug?!

Yeah, it’s okay for you to have a gun. You have a second amendment right to have a gun, but what the f**k do you keep pulling it out menacing for?

What is up with all this music you keep listening to? Is this music putting you in a trance, dumba** boy? 

Watch the clip below.

Kwame Brown is currently trending as people react to his message to Ja Morant.

While Kwame made a lot of very valid points while chastising Ja Morant, he is no stranger to being heavily scrutinized during his time in the NBA. 

Kwame Brown was drafted into the NBA in 2001 as the first overall pick by the Washington Wizards.

He was the first high school player to be chosen with the top pick in the draft. 

But, throughout his lengthy career (2001-2013) he faced criticism for not meeting the expectations of a number one draft pick. 

Ja Morant is 23 years old and it’s giving young and dumb right now. 

My prayer for Ja is that he wakes up before he throws away everything.

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