Kirk Franklin - Kerrion Franklin

Kirk Franklin has had his followers, supporters, and fans on pins and needles for days after he posted a clip of him finding out some shocking news.

Kirk Franklin Processes A Lie

In the black and white clip, Kirk is holding the phone and sitting on the back of his couch as his wife, Tammy Franklin, looks on with concern.

Kirk tells her, “I gotta process this moment. Cause I’m processing a lie.”

The woman’s voice on the phone says, “Yes.”

Kirk Franklin says again, “I’m processing a lie. I gotta go.”

In another clip, the woman’s voice says, “If you would like to talk to me about the rumor that is floating around out there call back.” 

Another clip shows a woman weeping as she says, “I have wanted this so badly.” 

Watch below. 

Kirk Franklin posted another video that shows him nervously approaching the front door of a home. 

Kerrion Franklin

The most recent video, posted on Thursday, shows Kirk Franklin in a room with his estranged son, Kerrion Franklin.

He asks his son, “Do you want to know about what I’m about to share with you?”

Kerrion, who is visibly hurt, responds, “It already hurts and I don’t even know what it is! Every text message I’ve sent you hasn’t been responded to.”

Kirk Franklin somberly tells his son, “Well, I know we got a lot of other things that we have to deal with. But, I have something that I think that when you find this out it’s going to be life-changing.” 

The caption on the emotion clip reads, “There’s no denying that my son and I have had a rocky relationship. This moment is one that I personally needed during this process. #Accountability

Watch the clip below. 

All will be revealed on Kirk’s YouTube page on Friday, September 15, 2023, in a video titled, “Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story.” 

My Spidey Senses are telling me that Kirk found his biological parents, who abandoned him at the age of 3. 

Kirk’s Aunt Gertrude Franklin and her husband legally adopted the Grammy Award-winning gospel singer and raised him as their own. 

In 2020, Kirk Franklin reunited with his biological father, Dwight Allen, who passed away six months later due to a terminal illness. 

I have a feeling Kirk learned that someone lied to him about who his father is.

But, we will surely find out the truth about what’s going on tomorrow. 

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