Gucci Mane is trending on social media and facing backlash after someone close to Big Scarr accused him of backing out of his commitment to pay for the young rapper’s funeral.

Big Scarr, born Alexander Woods, was a 22-year-old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee.

Sadly, he passed away on December 22, 2022, from an accidental prescription drug overdose. 

The drama began on Sunday when Quezz Ruthless took to social media and blasted Gucci Mane for allegedly backing out of his offer to cover Scarr’s funeral expenses. 

Quezz passionately stated on Instagram Live, “Them people called your phone to see if you was gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them. That’s not real. On God, that’s not real. That ain’t straight…You trying to act all real. You posted Scarr, talking ’bout some ‘Love Live him.’ You ain’t do nothing.”

He also claimed Gucci allegedly asked for Scarr’s chains back.

Big Scarr’s sister, Alexandra Woods, took to Facebook and backed Quezz’s claims about the request for the chains back. 

She wrote, in part, “OMM he not getting them chains back!!”

Alexandra continued, “My brother earned ts my brother mean everything to us and for him to do him like that is low down AF! He said he couldn’t pay for the funeral because his wife birthday coming up.” 

Alexandra Woods - Big Scarr - Gucci Mane

[Keyshia Ka’oir’s birthday is January 10.]

The allegations against Gucci Mane spread like wildfire across social media and people took to their timelines to bash and share their disappointment in the rapper.

Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, took to Instagram on Monday and provided literal receipts to prove Gucci did pay for Big Scarr’s funeral service. 

In her Instagram Story, Keyshia posted two $10,000 receipts dated December 30, 2022 and January 2, 2023.

The payments were made to N.J. Ford & Sons Funeral in Memphis. 

Keyshia captioned the receipts, “ $20k total! @laflare1017 what u did to these folks mane!!”

She wasn’t done. Keyshia Ka’oir also posted, “We also sent FLOWERS & not even a THANK U”

In an another photo of the receipt, she wrote, “PAYMENT DIRECTLY TO FUNERAL HOME! Leave my husband alone!” 

See the photos below.

My sincerest condolences to the family of Big Scarr and I’m sad that this discord came at a time when everyone is hurting and grieving. 

I am happy Gucci Mane stepped up to support the family and kept his word.

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