Coco Austin - Chanel Nicole twerking - Ice-T

Coco Austin, Ice T’s wife, recently received some negative comments from a Holiday video she posted of their daughter Chanel dancing.

In the video 7-year-old Chanel appears to be twerking, but her mom Coco says she was emulating a dance from a popular animated show called, “Bob’s Burgers.”

After Coco posted the video on Instagram, she received a lot of criticism and backlash, but a few people acknowledged that Chanel was doing the character Tina Blecher’s dance.

See Coco’s original post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Coco Austin comment 1.
Coco Austin comment 2.
Ice T's daughter comment 3.
Ice T's daughter comment 4.
Ice T's daughter comment 5.

Coco Austin is no stranger to negative comments about her parenting on social media, as she recently broke down on the “Tamron Hall Show” about how cruel some people’s comments can be.

Watch the “ET” story below:

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