Keyshia Cole, Lil Scrappy (via Instagram)

Keyshia Cole is feeling some type of way after Lil Scrappy said her relationship with Hunxho is “fake.” 

Scrappy and Khaotic appeared on “The Hynaken” podcast and the subject was real and fake relationships.

When Keyshia Cole and her new boo thang, rapper Hunxho came up Bambi’s ex-husband implied that the record label may have paid Keyshia to fake a relationship with Hunxho to give him more visibility and exposure – especially in the media.

Scrappy went on to admit that back in the day Warner Bros. Records paid him to pretend to be in a relationship with a new female artist. 

Conveniently, Lil Scrappy says he forgot the artist’s name. 

Watch the clip below.

Keyshia Cole, 42, hit the blogs earlier this month when she popped out with the 24-year-old Atlanta rapper, Hunxho.

There was a bit of buzz about their age difference, but for the most part, folks just let them be.

But, now that payola has entered the conversation some are side-eyeing the new romance. 

A fan tweeted, “You not a true @KeyshiaCole fan if you think she would be paid to have a relationship with anyone.. you couldn’t pay her to be fake. The blogs lying again 🙄

Keyshia Cole shared the tweet and added a few words for Lil Scrappy, who appears to have started all of this mess:

And what hurts the most is SCRAPPY SAYING THAT S—!

Naw nicca u get paid to (Fake a relationship) like U SAID like what are they even talking about.

Tryna get clicks. Hopefully this helps.

See the original tweet below.

I have to admit – I do think Keyshia Cole and Hunxho are an interesting pairing. 

But, I wouldn’t go as far as to assume she was paid to date him. 

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