Keyshawn, JWill, & Zubin shared their emotions on the Jacob Blake Shooting and where we are as a society with these senseless acts of violence.

JWill kicks off the conversation with an update on Jacob Blake’s health status and, how it’s a blessing that he is still alive.

JWill & Key speak on their frustration with the police officer using a gun instead of deescalation tactics to subdue Jacob Blake.

Key shares a scary “what if” as he asks, “what if one of the shells ricocheted off the steering wheel and bounced into one of Jacob Blake’s sons.”

Jacob Blake’s 3 sons were in the backseat of the car when the Police officer shot their father in the back 7 times.

Key also shares that his 8-year-old son is petrified of sirens, and Key believes it has to do with the injustices his son has seen in the media.

Zubin states that the George Floyd murder took place 3 months to the day, and now we are talking about another tragedy.

Watch the clip below:

The conversation continues with JWill & Key discussing the importance of voting in November, and how they agree with the sentiments LeBron James expressed about the Jacob Blake shooting and the fear that African Americans carry in their daily lives, watch below:

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Key, JWill, & Zubin share their emotions and give their perspective on the Jacob Blake shooting and social injustice in America.

We send prayers to the Blake family, and we encourage everyone to vote.

Are you registered to vote?

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