NBA players, George Hill, Donovan Mitchell, & LeBron James speak out against social injustice and the most recent act of police brutality against an unarmed black man, Jacob Blake.

George Hill, of the MILWAUKEE BUCKS, diverted all his post-game questions back to addressing the horrible Jacob Blake shooting.

George Hill spoke from the heart and held no punches as he addressed how ridiculous it is to shoot an unarmed man 7 times in his back in front of his children.

He questioned why they are even in the Bubble playing basketball when there is a much bigger issue in America that needs to be addressed.

Watch George Hill’s Game 4 post game interview below:

Donovan Mitchell also shared strong emotions concerning the senseless shooting of Jacob Blake, he tweeted the message below after viewing the video footage:

Lebron James expressed his frustration with the Jacob Blake shooting, social injustice in America, and the constant fear that African Americans face on a daily basis simply because of the color of their skin, watch below:

I have a lot of respect for George Hill, Donovan Mitchell, & LeBron James sharing their raw emotions concerning Jacob Blake and social injustice in America.

I’m sure a lot of their teammates share their sentiments, but it’s great to see that Hill, Mitchell, & James took it upon themselves to use their platform to address the issue.

We send our prayers and well wishes to Jacob Blake and his family, and we encourage everyone to VOTE in November.

Do you think the NBA Bubble Playoffs have shifted some NBA fans’ focus away from the Black Lives Matter Movement?