Kenan Thompson Clears Up The Rumor That He Got Samuel L. Jackson Banned From 'SNL'
Todd Owyoung/NBC

Kenan Thompson recently appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” and he cleared up the rumor that he got Samuel L. Jackson banned from “SNL.”

This is a great story.

Hey Sam, it’s all good bro! You’re welcomed anytime from what I’ve been hearing.

Kenan Thompson went on to explain that Sam dropped the F-bomb twice on the show.

Anyway, he dropped the F bomb on the show, but he says I was supposed to cut him off before that.

But the Q-card… It was just an F on the Q-card, it wasn’t like the whole word.

Kenan said he realized he didn’t catch Sam in time when he said it the first time, and after he said it the second time he reminded Sam that they have to pay for curses, and Sam got mad at him after that.

But then he doubled down and said it again, I was like, ‘Yo my man we gotta pay for those, you know what I”m saying?’

And it got a reaction… and we were able to, like, get out the moment.

But, he’s been mad at me for that.

So, my bad, bro. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t think he was gonna do it like that.

But, come on in whenever you want.

Watch the video below:

Hopefully, Samuel L. Jackson takes Kenan up on his offer to come back on “SNL.”

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