Erykah Badu 'Forgot' She Was Wearing SKIMS Panties & Peed In Them

Erykah Badu may have just given Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS underwear the most awkward co-sign ever!

The Grammy Award-winning singer slid into the streets of Twitter and told everyone her SKIMS panties were so comfy that she forgot she was wearing them and peed through them.

Erykah tweeted:

Just peed thru my @skims panties cause I forgot I was wearing any. No cap. So comfy. Y’all tell Kim. Do I have a lawsuit! Lol

After the free promo, Kim Kardashian quickly responded letting Erykah Badu know she will be sure to send her some more.

It’s actually the biggest customer complaint J/K LOL I got you Queen ??? I’m sending you fresh new @skims ASAP!!!

See the original tweet below.

At my big age, I have never worn a pair of panties that were comfy enough to make me forget I had them on.

How about you?

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