Red Power Ranger Austin St. John’s Texas Home Raided By The Feds

The original Red Power Ranger Austin St. John had his Texas home raided by the feds on Thursday morning (May 19), and he was arrested as part of a massive federal indictment.

Austin was one of the 18 individuals indicted for PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) fraud.

His neighbor said approximately 15 FBI agents in tactical gear arrived at Austin’s home at 7:00 AM in Tahoe Suburbans.

They got out of their vehicles with guns that looked like AR-15s and approached Austin’s porch.

They entered the home and came out with Austin in handcuffs.

The PPP program was designed to help small businesses affected by COVID, but Austin helped himself.

He allegedly received 16 loans, totaling $3.5M, that he used for personal purchases.

Austin played Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott on the 90s hit TV series the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” 

He started in 1993, but he left the show in its second season.

Reportedly, he came back on the show from time to time.

Watch some footage of Austin on the show in the video below:

If convicted Austin St. John faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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Source: TMZ

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