Keke Palmer sounds off about Lizzo

Keke Palmer recently sounded off about Lizzo on the latest episode of her Wondery podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer.”

Lizzo’s reputation has taken quite a huge hit after multiple lawsuits surfaced accusing her of weight-shaming, sexual harassment, and a hostile work environment.

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On her podcast, Keke Palmer discussed why it seems that people are more inclined to believe negative things they’ve heard about a person rather than the good. 

Keke took it a step further by questioning why couldn’t both things be true.

She said maybe Lizzo is a good person sometimes and maybe she’s a bad person sometimes like most human beings.

Lizzo, oh some people are saying she should be canceled. Ain’t she supposed to be canceled?

And then other people are saying, ‘Well, how is she even receiving this humanitarian award?’ 

What I find so interesting is we have two people saying two vastly different things, but people are more interested in believing the negative. 

Keke Palmer continued:

What makes the negative more real…some people are saying she’s good and some people are saying she’s f***** up. Why can’t we even say that maybe both exist?

Maybe sometimes she’s an a****** like everybody is. And maybe a lot of times she’s a great person like maybe she’s just a normal human.

Watch the clip below. 

Points have been made. 

Do you agree with Keke Palmer’s thoughts on Lizzo?

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