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Romeo Miller’s Genes Don’t Play – See His Pretty Princesses

Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller took to social media on Wednesday and shared new photos of her beautiful baby girls – and his genes do not play!

The “Á La Carte” actor is a proud father to his daughters 20-month-old River Rose Miller and 6-month-old Winter Snoh Miller

Romeo Miller welcomed his first child with his longtime partner and fiancée, Drew Sangster, in February 2022, and his second child, almost a year later.

After the birth of Winter Snoh, the doting girl dad took to social media writing:

My heart is so full knowing that my girls will have each other as they grow.

I’m a papa of 2! I’ve accomplished a lot of things in my life, but becoming a father is by far the best and most fulfilling.

You made me see. Psalms 127:3. #ThankYouGod #GirlDad #LovesOfMyLife #Happy 💕💕💕

See Romeo’s beautiful baby girls below.

Romeo Miller’s genes are skrong in these DNA streets!

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