The Sunday Service Shenanigans were at an all-time high thanks to Kanye West!

On the first day of Daylight Savings, Ye took to Instagram and spoke out about his disapproval of North West being on TikTok.

From there, he went on to air out his grievances about Kim Kardashian [allegedly] keeping the kids away from him and controlling when he is allowed to be a father to them.

He wrote:

My daughter will not be lead by people who don’t believe in God I am in a very good place and a very God place Inside the will of God I am being still right now.

This all feels like a set up. They want me to react I flew back from Miami and none of my kids are coming to Sunday Service. I am public about this because we are famous.

Praying and expressing how I have no rights to my children is the only thing I can legally do.

Kanye said he reached out to multiple friends and Tory Lanez (of all people) gave him the best advice – allow the Lord to speak through him on behalf of all (Black) fathers who are trying to care for and protect their children.

The rapper is also upset with his father, Ray West, because he wouldn’t get involved and call Kim on Kanye’s behalf.

In another post on his Instagram page, he wrote:

My dad won’t even call Kim. I don’t speak to most of my family because they been allowing this kind of behavior. I am in no way trying to get this woman back. I’ve moved on with my life. I just feel culturally there’s a bunch of white privileged people forcing the upbringing of a bunch of black children. I seen a bunch of celebrities speak up against me. But ain’t been no one other than Candace Owens that ever said that any of this bitter baby mama behavior is wrong.

Watch the video clips below.

Pete Davidson Releases Texts

In one of his videos, Kanye accused Pete Davidson of taunting him in text messages about being in bed with Kim.

Pete released the texts to show the real convo and the context of the remark.

In the text thread, Pete said he was tired of the nonsense and he’s done being quiet.

Pete also offered to have a private man-to-man convo with Ye, who would only respond, “Come to Sunday Service.”

Read the full unedited text thread below.

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar, Kanye West will NOT meet with Pete Davidson to have a real man-to-man convo.

Kanye West Slams D.L. Hughley

In addition to airing out Kim, Kanye West took aim at D.L. Hughley.

If you missed it, D.L. recently did an interview with VLAD and spoke about Kanye stalking Kim, their divorce, and Pete Davidson dating Kim.

Watch the clips below.

Kanye West retaliated by posting the video from two years ago when D.L. passed out on stage during one of his shows.

Ye went on to call D.L. a “drug addict” and use some threat-like language in a post on his Instagram page.

He wrote:

We gone stop letting practicing drug addicts be used by leftist to Willie Lynch our Future Black people with our own opinion are not allowed to speak in public I am the glitch DL God does not like you You have no favor Your family hates you I would hate to be related to somebody who used to be famous Now you just known as a broke pawn at least Oprah got billions “allegedly” Come on leftist Y’all gotta do better than DL This Ye Bring the real smoke baby Show your real face Charlemagne just don’t hit the same do he Who y’all gone get now God is with us and you send DL to be against us You’ve lost No brilliant Hebrew’s will bow to y’all no more Only dumb ass drug addict House ni**as Don’t play me and don’t play with God Anybody related to DL call Chris McLean at adidas for yeezys They not free though We running a business over here He just getting ran You see Skete missing work Anybody else wanna play with me Please please please for the love of God come and get me Let’s see how it turns out.

See his original post below.

Van Lathan spoke to D.L. Hughley and took to social media to share:

Spoke to DL Hughley this am… He doesn’t think threats to his family or professional slander are funny and is going to deal with them accordingly.

He told me he WILL be making a statement very soon as well.

See his original post below.

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