Kandi Burruss Responds To Nene Leakes Saying She's Not Exciting & The Camera Doesn't Love Her

Kandi Burruss recently did an interview on 92 Q Jams in Baltimore, Maryland, and she responded to Nene Leakes calling her out in her Carlos King interview.

Nene revealed in her exclusive Carlos King interview that she feels that Kandi Burruss is overrated and overpaid.

Nene also said that Kandi is not exciting and the camera doesn’t love her.

Watch the clip from Nene’s Carlos King interview below:

While at 92 Q Jams doing an interview with her husband, Todd Tucker, by her side, Kandi was asked to address Nene’s remarks about her, and Kandi responded:

…I’m just like, regardless of what she or anybody thinks about me… I’m just gonna say it, I’m winning!

…I go hard or go home for everything that I’m a part of, every project that I’m a part of.

Whether… If you say I’m boring or I’m not this, I’m not that, I’ve been continuing to win at things before she ever even thought about on tv, you know what I’m saying?…

My group was winning… I was in the 12th grade with a number-one hit record.

I was the first woman to ever win songwriter of the year, you know ASCAP, you know what I’m saying?…

I was the first woman to ever win “The Mask Singer,” for everybody who wants to say I can’t sing! You know what I mean?…

Real talk, you know what I mean, and I am the longest running housewife on any franchise. So, 14 seasons straight, so whatever you feel about me…

What people need to understand when it comes to reality tv, one person cannot make a show.

So a lot of people get mad because we have had so many, um, specials, spin-offs, and stuff like that, but it’s because I’m by myself an ensemble cast, by myself!

You see my family whether it be my mama, who’s a star, my husband, that stuff going on, my kids.

Whether it be, yeah, my aunts, whether it be the restaurant, everybody that’s on, you know, that work for me in the restaurant, the Candy Coated Clique, Don Juan, Carmon, you know, it’s like they are stars around… Like, I come with people who are ready to participate in my life, and let it be seen by the world.

So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t just like me, it’s everything that comes with me.

And I’m okay with everybody in my team shining. Now some certain people want to shine by theirselves, and that is the problem when they think they’re outshining everyone else and then when you go outside of them everyone else, and you see you ain’t shining as bright.

That be the problem, and that’s all I got to say about that. I think people need to understand that, you know, when it comes to reality tv, even though one person on the show may be your fave or whatever, whatever, but that person can’t do it by themselves.

It’s an ensemble situation.

…I don’t care nothing about that OG stuff. Like, I do not care. I’m very clear I did not come out on season one. I came in on season two. But, you know, I show respect to all the OGs.

What they did in season one was amazing, but at the end of the day, I have outlasted any OG, on any “Housewives’ cast.

See the clip of the Kandi Burruss interview with 92 Q Jams below:

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