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Tyler Perry Is ‘Living In The Opposite’ On His 54th Birthday

Tyler Perry - Happy Birthday

Tyler Perry took to his official Instagram account to share a heartfelt message about “living in the opposite” on his 54th birthday (September 13). 

The entertainment mogul reflected on all of the tough and challenging times in his 54 years of life and celebrated the fact that he is now “living in the opposite” of it. 

Tyler wrote: 

This is how much life I’ve lived… but I can honestly say that I’ve worked, loved, given, shared, laughed, prayed, hoped, helped, healed, lost, cried, celebrated, and enjoyed this life more than ten times this amount of years.   

My aunt Thelma used to say “wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now”.    

As I celebrate 54 years on this planet I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. All the pain, all the hurt, all the disappointments, all the lost, all the loneliness, they all had an opposite, and today I am living in that opposite.  

My prayer for you today is, if you’re in a low place, please don’t stop till you see your opposite.  God bless you.

See Tyler’s original post below. 

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