Juicy J. let Arby’s know via Twitter that his work is not free, and using his work in a commercial without clearance is a problem.

Juicy J. tweeted, “I just found out Arbys used a three 6 sample in a commercial without clearing it hmmmmmmmmm. Some people don’t understand my hustle when y’all sleep I’m up getting a bag mane no cappucino.” 

The tweet has been removed at the request of Juicy’s lawyer. “My lawyer called said take down the tweet Arby’s will figure it out,” with a “money bag” emoji.

Juicy J - Arbys

This appears to be the commercial in question:

I’m not sure why his lawyer wanted him to remove the tweet if the damage has already been done, but I’m not a lawyer.

Juicy J. has every right to demand compensation for his work. I’m curious to see how this situation plays out.

Source: hotnewhiphop