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Juicy J recently appeared on “GMA” to promote his new book, “Chronicles Of The Juice Man,” and he showed up in a straitjacket and a Hannibal Lector mask, but the outfit was too scary, so they made him change.

See the outfit below that “GMA” would not allow him to wear live on air.

Juicy J says his book is about getting through life, God, family, drug abuse, and much more.

He said he wears the straitjacket because he is a mental health advocate, and he wants to let people know about mental health awareness.

I’m a mental health advocate, you know what I’m saying?

I wear that straitjacket to let people know about mental health awareness.

You don’t have to do nothing crazy. Get some help.

Call 988, call a friend, call your mom… call somebody.

Just don’t hurt yourself, you know what I’m saying?

He said “Good Morning America” didn’t want him to wear the jacket, but it was all good because he brought other outfits.

They didn’t want me to wear the jacket, you know what I’m saying?

But, it’s all good, it wasn’t no problem because I wasn’t tripping. 

That’s why I brought other outfits, you know what I’m saying?

Watch the clip of Juicy J explaining why he wears the straitjacket below:

Watch Juicy J’s “GMA” interview below.

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