Cardi B is explaining how she accidentally posted a topless photo on social media.

The Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop star gave her 76 million followers an unexpected surprise when she accidentally posted a topless photo on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Cardi B quickly deleted the photo, but she wasn’t quick enough. Screenshots are in heavy rotation in the streets of social media.

But, she’s taking it all in stride.

She returned to Instagram to shut down a rumor claiming she was suing someone over the leaked photo and basically said, “Sh*t happens.”

I did not posted no story about me suing nobody…nobody to be sued for. It was my f**k up…sh*t happens.

See the original post below:

She also took to Instagram Live to share the details of how she accidentally uploaded the photo.

It’s unfortunate that Cardi B’s nipples have become a hot topic on social media as some criticized and made jokes about them.

Have you ever accidentally posted something embarrassing on social media?

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