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JR Robinson took to the streets of social media to confirm he ended his relationship with Tamar Braxton.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram Story, JR addressed a lot of the rumors and assumptions regarding his relationship with Tamar, but he declined to go into specifics regarding their breakup.

However, one sentence of his statement was chocked full of context clues.

JR wrote, “I ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.”

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Tamar Braxton’s former fiancé also noted:

No. I never cheated. No. I wasn’t there when she was at her mother’s place when her car was burglarized. No. I never cared about fame. 

Read JR’s full statement below.

JR Robinson statement on breakup with Tamar Braxton

Who Is Jeremy “JR” Robinson?

Jeremy “JR” Robinson is a New Orleans native and a father of five children with four women.

He’s a personal injury and criminal defense attorney, who is the founder of the JR Law Group, based out of Brookhaven, Georgia.

He and Tamar Braxton began a relationship when he was a contestant on Will Packer‘s “Queens Court,” dating series on Peacock.

The show also starred singer Nivea and reality TV star Evelyn Lozada.

In the finale episode, JR Robinson asked for Tamar Braxton’s hand in marriage.

(Photo by: Nathan Bolster/Peacock)

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” Tamar revealed she and JR got engaged three weeks after they met.

Trouble In Paradise

Shortly after Tamar and JR’s engagement was made public, one of his baby mamas entered the chat.

Anaston Jeni, a self-care business coach and the mother of JR’s two-year-old son, Asher, took to social media to share her unpleasant experiences with Tamar.

This woman is in no way a bonus or stepmom to my son. My son does not mean ‘everything’ to her and she has not thanked God for me, & truthfully, none of his baby mamas.

She has said demeaning, disrespectful, & outrageous things about how I have chosen to co-parent with my son’s father and the efforts I have made to keep him involved.

Despite the baby mama drama, Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson appeared to be pushing through.

In June, they launched their own YouTube show together, “All Things Black & White with Tamar & JR.”

Two months later, in August, Tamar bought a huge billboard in New York City for her man’s birthday.

The “Love and War” singer gushed, “I am a better Tamar because you are in my life.

Tamar Braxton has not publicly addressed her breakup with JR Robinson and his statement about it, however, she did ask the Lord to bring her peace a few days ago.

Tamar Braxton Speaks Out

UPDATE: Tamar Braxton has spoken out about her split from JR Robinson, but she really didn’t say much aside from the fact that she is “surprised,” she’s “hurt,” and she’s not going to let the devil steal her joy.

Watch the clip below.

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